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Welcome To Sumar Auto Spare Parts

Why UAE Automotive Industry Recommends Us?

Sumar Automotive Spare Parts Dealer is a professional and the most trusted auto parts supplier in Dubai, UAE. Based on years of experiences in the Auto Parts Distribution and Imports, we know exactly what our customers’ demands and can offer our best Original Spare Parts as per their demands for all known international car brand in UAE. We always aim to offer the high quality auto parts to all our clients.

Sumar is the only supplier of Automotive Spare Parts in UAE that offer a huge range of Original Parts by many well-known auto parts manufactures worldwide like:




Auto Parts Supply in UAE


Our warehouses in United Arab Emirates stocks one of the largest collection auto spare parts for all the well-known International car brands which enables us to satisfy any emergency demands made by our clients without making them wait for the lengthy imports process for their desired auto parts from America, Japan or Europe. We import and supply many spare parts like:


  • Engine Mounting
  • Insulator Engine
  • Engine Bush
  • Shock Absorber Bush
  • Steering Gear Boot
  • Strut Bar Rubber
  • Shock Absorber Bumper
  • Spring Shackle Rubber
  • Low Arm Bush
  • Shock Absorber Bearing
  • Spring Shackle Bush
  • Coupling Bush
  • Shock Absorber Mounting
  • Stabilizer Shaft Grommet
  • Drive Shaft Boot
  • Suspension Bush
  • Stabilizer Shaft Rubber
  • Shock Dust Cover
  • Grommet Steering
  • Strut Bar Bush
  • Stabilizer Link
  • Link Assy
  • Rubber Differential Mounting
  • Cover Bush
  • Bumper Bound
  • Rubber Differential Bush
  • Diaphragm
  • Exhaust Pipe Support
  • Coil Spring Rubber
  • Cylinder Piston
  • Brake Pads
  • Bush Steering Rack
  • Disc Brake Seal Kits
  • Control Arm


The Quality Advantage


Commencing as a small but efficient supplier of automotive parts, Sumar has grown to become a major supplier of a large range of engineered rubber and bonded metal/rubber composite products for the automotive industry operating under the same management who understand the need for quality parts.


The expertise also helps you liaise with people who know and have the technical knowledge of automotive rubber parts. Our commitment to uncompromising standards of excellence in product development, material formulations and all facets of production, has resulted in the successful penetration of a large markets and sustained profitable growth. Hence also making us one of the largest importers and suppliers of Thai, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese Rubber Parts in UAE.


Our technical expertise, customer-responsive service and commitment to continuous improvement, backed with sustained investment, will ensure Sumar’s reputation for reliable, high quality, innovative products will continue.